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Zeng Zhi-Yong, chief expert and chief engineer

He graduated from the Hunan Institute of Chemical Technology, Senior Engineer, Ministry of Chemical Industry of outstanding experts, the State Council special allowance, an adjunct professor at Energy Institute, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Distinguished experts.
He has served too many chemicals, environmental protection and new energy business chief engineer, director of the chemical industry, a former assistant to the mayor, ZKEnergy Technology Co. founder.
Mr. Zeng Zhiyong has been committed to new energy and environmental protection and new energy and environmental protection to promote the cause of science and technology has made outstanding contributions, winning over 100 patents, and the entire industry, supported by his invention "full permanent maglev wind turbines "at the 34th Geneva International invention Fair won the special gold medal, and the United Nations' global renewable energy investment value of the top ten most leading technology blue Sky Award." In the field of new energy saving and environmental protection, solar power, wind power, solar thermal power, biomass power generation and energy storage system solutions, with nearly more than 20 countries and expert institutions have in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

Li Ke, president

He graduated from Southeast University Communication and Information Engineering, Graduate
Blade Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. Product Manager, environmentally preferable magnetic Electrical Co., Ltd., general manager of Lanzhou, ZKEnergy Technical Director of Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Chief Engineer, Executive Vice President, has a wealth of technical operations and management experience company.
Long engaged in new energy technology development and application promotion, presided over a number of solar power plants, wind and solar planning and design work and construction and operation of power plants, wind energy generation. Photovoltaic, solar thermal power generation in-depth research, and as an invited expert training for new energy energy officials in third world countries. National Energy Board participated in the drafting of the two standards. It has more than 30 patents. Familiar with the new energy projects energy audits, program design, technical and economic analysis, delivery and operations. Island energy control systems and economic and technical evaluation specialists.

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