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Guangdong Weiya Bang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

It is specialized in the energy storage device systems solutions providers;
Is a high-tech enterprise design, development, production and sales of storage devices.

Long-term cooperation with domestic famous universities, jointly developed China's first generation of all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system. Companies adhering to the "Treasure by the weather Reiki, cited human wisdom, energy storage," the high degree of social responsibility, leading the needs of the times.

Product Interpretation

The concept of all-vanadium battery

Vanadium redox flow battery is one of the technologies of electrical energy chemically stored energy.

Vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system

Product Comparison

Why should countries develop energy storage technology!

① ② determine the characteristics of the power of national energy structure adjustment needs...

All-vanadium battery works

Easy to achieve large-scale (megawatt) / long life (> 10,000 times in 20 years) / Environmental friendly (zero emission) / Modular design

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