The concept of all-vanadium battery

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Vanadium redox flow battery is one of the technologies of electrical energy chemically stored energy. It is known all vanadium flow battery energy storage (technology) systems, referred to as: VRB.

"Vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system," meaning Summary:

"Full vanadium": battery positive and negative four active substances (electrolyte) are vanadium, only valence vanadium ions is different, it was known as the all-vanadium battery.

"Flow": battery positive and negative electrode active material in the form of vanadium sulfate solution stored in two reservoir tank. Pump the tank by the electrolyte circulation input stack to react, it is also called flow batteries.

"Charged": vanadium battery because with two tank expanded storage capacity, it is mainly used for large-scale electricity storage technology, is currently the largest battery energy storage. It is also known as a storage battery (technology).


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