All-vanadium battery works

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(一) the outstanding advantages:

Easy to achieve large-scale (megawatt)
Long lifetime (> 10,000 times in 20 years)
Environmentally friendly (pollution emissions)
Modular design (power and capacity of independent design)
Rapid Response (> 1ms)
Low self-discharge rate
Good deep discharge performance

(二)Vulnerable analysis:

1. The specific energy of only 25Wh / L, need a larger room put all vanadium battery energy storage system
2. The operating temperature of 0-40 degrees Celsius: easily solidified electrolyte at low temperatures; at high temperature electrolyte easily precipitated, battery efficiency decreases rapidly, and have a greater impact on the stack materials.
3. The current all-vanadium battery technology and other seal is not mature enough, higher material costs, the industry chain needs to be improved.

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